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Fanny Mokas - photographer



  Born in 1994 from a Greek father and a French mother, raised in these two cultures, I connect my passion for travel and taste for adventure to this happy childhood spent on the road between these two countries.

  From the age of 4, I make an overconsumption of disposable cameras to capture ephemeral life instants.

  At age 14, I joined a school that taught me the profession of photographer. During these 4 years of study, experiences multiply and I find my way in photojournalism.


  At age 17, I began to publish my pictures to illustrate few magazines from Lyon, my hometown. I launched myself as a self-entrepreneur two years later.

  But a new adventure called me and in December 2014, I decided to leave France for Ireland.

 After 3 years working for Nikon in Dublin, I decided to explore other horizons and after a few months traveling around the world, I moved to Quebec in April 2018.

 What fascinates me ? Capture the present moment and restore it as faithfully as possible. It does not seem necessary to make changes to reality, it is already so beautiful!

Graduated of the A levels specialized in photography (2011) and of the BTEC National in photography (2013)

Press correspondent for Lyon Capitale magazine (2012-2014)

Freelance photographer (2014-2016)

Travelling around the world since 2014.

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